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If you or someone close to you uses Trazadone or other prescription drugs, now more than ever before you should be looking to make your purchase at an online pharmacy. Some advantages of buying your prescriptions online are: 1) Ability to compare prices between online drugstores 2) Tremendous savings on your monthly bill, particularly if you purchase from a Canadian pharmacy where it's likely that you will save anywhere between 20% and 80% 3) Buying online offers the sort of privacy that is never available when you seek to get your meds at a local pharmacy.

Canadian Pharmacies Online
As stated above, it is quite possible to save as much as 80% on your current prescription bill if you buy Trazadone or other prescription drugs at a Canada-based online pharmacy. How is this possible? The automatic reaction of many is that if it is cheaper, that means that it is inferior. Not so at all, the reason a pharmacy in Canada can offer prices that are so much lower than American pharmacies has nothing to do with quality, and a lot to do with politics.

In Canada, in order for the majority of the Canadian population to have affordable access to vital meds, the federal government maintains strict control over the prices of prescription drugs. In the USA meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry maintains high prices on some prescription drugs in order to maintain their profit margins. The pharmaceutical drug company giants are only allowed to hold a patent on the drugs they've developed for a certain period. After this point the drug is public domain, and generic and competing versions will soon appear on the market. Thus, in order to maximize the profits from a patented prescription drug, the USA's pharmaceutical industry basically charges as much as possible while they own the patent. After the patent period ends, they are often able to maintain higher prices than competing generic version, simply because they understand the power of their brand, and many people feel compelled to pay more for what they are familiar with and what they think is better quality.

A decision to buy Trazadone online is undoubtedly a smart one, as the possible and actual benefits, especially the cost-savings factor will undoubtedly outweight any possible negatives. Be sure to view our more detailed information about Trazodone.

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